Najdete nás také na Facebooku


  • Hey, we are happy to have you at Czech nationals this year ! So are you excited to be in Prague again? What are you looking forward to the most?

  • Thank you! Yes, visit Prague is always amazing! I can't wait to meet so many talented players and a lot of cool friends!

  • Are you competing? What yoyo will you be throwing on stage?

  • Yes, I'll compete, and I can't decide yet between Scout or Orca.

  • What are you currently up to back in your country?
  • As usual I'm working, making some beats and playing some yoyos; for past few months I was quite busy being one of the organizer of the Italian National Yoyo Contest that we'll held in Rome on November 21 (don't miss it 😊 )

  • Who is your inspirarion in yoyoing?
  • Almost everyone who throw a yoyo, I like to watch every video I bump into.

  • What is your prediction for 1A at Czech nationals this year?
  • Czech is by far the hardest national contest to predict, average skill level is mind blowing! I hope to see good placement from Matyas Racek, David Kreibich, David Stejskal, Tony Sec, Ondra Dolejs...So many good players!

  • The best movie you have seen recently?
  • Recently I was very unlucky with movies choice and I'm not very much into cinema, I prefer to watch live music 😊
    here's the latest good thing I really enjoyed

  • Your instagram videos are a blast to watch. How do you come up with so many unique elements?
  • Thank you! I always play in front of a camera, so when I make mistakes I can watch later and trying to rearrange them in something cool 😊

  • What is your favourite freestyle of all time?
  • This is one of my favourite, and a huge inspiration when I started yoyoing