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  • Hey Tal, we are happy to have you at Czech nationals this year ! So are you excited to be in Prague again? What are you looking forward to the most?
  • Hey guys! Thank you so much for the interview! I'm really exited to have the opportunity to be in Prague again, I was in Prague once for worlds in 2014 and I had a blast! Can't wait to be there again. What I'm looking forward to the most is meeting all of my friends which I get to see only few times a year. Also, because I didn't go to worlds this year I have a lot of new tricks that I can't wait to show off so I will compete in the open division and hopefully win!

  • Are you competing? What yoyo will you be throwing on stage?
  • Yes, I will compete in the Open Division and I will use the Duncan Grasshopper!

  • What are you currently up to back in your country?
  • I'm currently trying to make yoyoing bigger here, since after nationals a lot of new players have joined. We have around 80 yoyo players here now and it keeps growing fast!

  • Who is your inspirarion in yoyoing?
  • I think my biggest inspiration is Janos Karancz, I remmember after watching his 2013 EYYC routine for the first time I thought to myself that this is how I want my style to be like. Some of my other favorite players are: Paul Kerbel, Petr Kavka, Yusuke Otsuka, Ky Zizan, Riccardo Fraolini, Zach Gormley and many more.

  • What is your prediction for 1A at Czech nationals this year?
  • I hope that Petr Kavka will win it once again because he is my favorite 1a player from the Czech Repubic and a good friend of mine but I think that Matous or Vashek will take it this time!

  • The best movie you have seen recently?
  • Probably the "Maze Runner 2"!

  • Congrats on getting into Duncan crew! How is it like to be sponsored by this company?
  • Thanks! Duncan has been my favorite company for around two years, since I've tried the Barracuda for the first time. The team is awesome and the yoyos are great too, I love everything about it!

  • How is the yoyo scene in Israel?
  • The yoyo sence in Israel is awesome! It is not very big at the moment, we have around 80 players but it's growing fast.