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Vilmos Zoltan Kiss

  • Hey Tal, we are happy to have you at Czech nationals this year ! So are you excited to be in Prague again? What are you looking forward to the most?
  • I am always happy to visit Prague for a contest, especially the Nationals. The 2008 Czech Nationals was my first international yoyo event and I have never missed a single one since then, so it's kind of a tradition now to attend every year. The atmosphere is always goos and the community is so big that it never gets boring. I consider it the 2nd biggest event in Europe after EYYC so it's always a good choice to attend, have some fun and compete in the 1A Open division to test your skills before the next European Championship. I also know a pretty good vietnamese restaurant which I have to visit for a pho :)

  • Are you competing? What yoyo will you be throwing on stage?
  • Yes I am thinking of competing in 1A Open, but it might depend on my mood. If I go on stage I will use my signature throw the Valor from One Drop.

  • What are you currently up to back in your country?
  • I am keeping myself busy with organizing contests for the local community. The one I am working on right now is the Hungarian Nationals. I hope that we will see a lot of czech players attend to our contest on November 21st.

  • Who is your inspirarion in yoyoing?
  • There are a lot of players who inspired ans still inspire me. If I have to say a few names they would be Rei Iwakura, Yuuki Spencer, Naoto Okada, Mark Montgomery, Vashek Kroutil, Tatsuja Fujisaka, Takeshi Matsuura, Paul Han, Paul Dang and a lot more.

  • What is your prediction for 1A at Czech nationals this year?
  • There a lot of good players who can win it this year so It's unpredictable to say for sure, but I'd like to see Robert Kucera, Tomas Bubak or Vashek win it again.

  • The best movie you have seen recently?
  • Just went to see the "Back to the Future" in the cinemas for it's 30th anniversary. I don't think anyone could pick a better movie then that, but from this year I would say "The Imitation Game".

  • You are a One Drop member, any shareable news we can expect from this company?
  • We will release Terrarian soon and we have a few new models in prototype phase. One of them is a new metal on which we are trying to push the limits on price. I will have it with me during the contest so everybody can try it if he asks me to.

  • Speed or style?
  • Style. Do I have to say more?! :)